Elixir Global Ltd was founded in December 2018. Our main direction is production of ecofriendly and safe for people “Elixir – water for life” with the application of European standards and high end, innovative technologies.
ELIXIR is produced in cooperation with our Austrian partners. Related products are manufactured and certified in Austria and applied in various countries. Georgia manufactured products are identical to Austrian equivalents, have the same purpose, parameters, composition, field of application, dosage and is produced with plant and technologies identical to Austrian analogues. The plant for ELIXIR product manufacturing in Georgia is installed, calibrated and tested by Austrian partners and its modification locally without involvement of Austrian representative cannot take place.
The product represents liquid mixture of electroactivated water, sodium chloride (0,26 %), hypochlorous acid (HClO) + hypochlorite ion (OCl) (0,05 %) and an additive for several products - zeolite-clinoptiolite (0,01 %). ELIXIR does not contain any pesticide or agrochemicals and is used as plant protective and plant/animal supportive additive for bio product production.