Elixir for Tap Water
“Elixir for Tap Water" is an effective replacement for disinfecting tablets, permanganates, activated coal, UV-light and other disinfectants. With the availability of toxic compounds, preserving the natural odour and flavour safeguards the drinking water, fighting and removing pathogenic microorganisms.
 - Daily disinfection without the emergence of resistant pathogens;
 - It is characterized by a wide range of bacteria and their spores, fungi and viruses.
 - Powerful sporadic remedy (Giardia (crystalline), Cryptosporidium) compared to other disinfectants;
 - Reliable insurance from water odours and organic deposits found in pipes;
 - It is harmless to produce non-toxic lateral products for human organisms (chlorides - Cl-, chlorites - ClO2-, chlorates - ClO3);
 - Does not cause corrosion of metallic surfaces (oxidation) by minimizing the concentration of sodium and calcium hypochlorites;
 - Effective control of water blossoms and algae growth.
Composition: Electroactive water NaClO - 0.05%, HClO - 0.09%.
Dosage: Mix 0.2% solution of water (1 l concentrate in 500 litres of water). In case of low quality water the maximum permissible dose is 1.0% solution (weak chlorine smell which does not disappear for 30 minutes).
Storage conditions: Keep concentrates in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Storage temperature: from + 4 ° C to + 30 ° C.
Expiration: 1 year (unopened container).
Keep the concentrate in the original vessel with a tightly closed cap.