Elixir for Vegetables
"Elixir for Vegetables" is an innovative and high-tech product for the prevention of plant diseases caused by harmful microorganisms and the development of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases.

MSDS for Vegetables
• Harvesting bio-based products free from pollutants;
• Effectively fighting against high oxidative properties and instantly destroying harmful microorganisms;
• By means of flasks, once applied to the leaves the protective coating will soon be formed;
• Use reduction / replacement of various pesticides;
• Promotes fertility and yield increase;
• Using less financial and human resources, achieving the desired result;
• Enhances immune system and resistance to harmful microorganisms.
It is used against such fungal, bacterial diseases and pests such as:
• Root rot 
• Late blight 
• Fusarium wilt 
• Black rot 
• Alternaria 
• Mildew 
• Anthracnose 
• Cabbage's white 
• Tomato junka ticka 
• Garlic powder tick 
• Vegetable Black (Ph. Atra F), Wave (Ph. undulata Kutsch) and Blue (Ph. Nigripes F) 
• Red spider mite 
• Onion fly 
• Cotton bollworm 
Use and dosage: 
Before flowering: 5 litres of concentrate in 300 litres of water - 1 h
After flowering: 10 litres of concentrate in 300 litres of water - 1 ha is used in the same dose once in 3 days (for the purpose of infection) 8-10 times (for prevention)

Seasonal scheme of orchard, nut and berry crops :
Composition: Electroactive water NaCl - 0.4%, HClO - 0.045%,  Zeolite - 0,05%.

Storage conditions: Keep concentrates in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
Storage temperature: from + 4 ° C to + 30 ° C.
Expiration period: 1 year (unopened container).
Open the concentrated concentrate in the original vessel with a tightly closed cover.
Warning: Do not use during periods of rain or frost