Elixir for Chicken
For prevention of poultry infectious diseases 
To make healthier drinking water for poultry and for the hygiene of farm space and equipment. 
Form: Concentrated Spray based on electro active water 
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Disinfectant (Bactericidal , Fungicide, Virucide) 
Composition: Concentrate is a transparent, colorless, fluid chlorine with light smell. Contains: NaCl- 0.26% , HClO - 0.045%; OCl - - 0.005%.
Used for: 
 - Disinfecting and refining of poultry drinking water 
 - For processing and utilization of equipment and stock for poultry and disinfection 
 - For the prevention and treatment of diseases such as: diarrhoea, skin infections and acidosis, respiratory tract infections. 
 - Significantly reduces e-coli, salmonella and coccidiosis and helps rapid recovery of the bird; 
 - For the prevention and treatment of poultry diseases such as e-coli, salmonella and coccidiosis 
• It allows production of ecologically pure, Bio products, without risk of harmful impacts. 
• Has high redox potential and a broad spectrum of action from which we give priority to the effect on pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. 
• Due to high redox potential and oxidative properties of the components of the solution, it effectively combats harmful microorganisms and causes their instant destruction. 
• Elixir can reduce / replace the use of various drugs and needles, after which we get environmentally clean and organic products. 
• Improves nutrition effectiveness; Used to optimize the digestive process in order to reduce the amount of food consumed;
• Strengthens immunity; 
• Increases resistance to various illnesses and the poultry’s durability; 
• Increases vitality; 
• Mortality rate decreases from 70% to 50%, effective in epidemic periods;
• Reduces the use of antibiotics;
• Significantly reduces e-coli, salmonella and coccidiosis and helps the rapid recovery of the bird; 
• The tendency to produce small eggs is reduced; 
• Raises the quality of eggs and homogeneity; 
• Use of elixir is safe for people and animals, does not require special safety measures. Using less financial and human resources, the desired result is achieved;
• There are no side effects and does not leave harmful residues. Does not require special transportation. 
Application and dosage:

Liters of water per 1 chicken per day

number of chicken

Liters of water per 100 chicken per day

Age/from- till

Elixir  % part in water per 100 chicken per day

Total litres of elixir per 100 chicken per day

Total litres of elixir per full cycle

0.05 L


5 L



75 ml

0.75 L

0.1 L


10 L



200 ml

2 L

0.2 L


20 L



500 ml

5 L

0.3 L


30 L



900 ml

9 L

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Hygienically perfect water is one of the most important requirements for livestock and poultry health, especially for the care of young poultry and the reproduction of poultry. Increasing the number of bacteria and microorganisms causes issues with the birds’ digestive systems, occuring in the form of dyspepsia, diarrhoea and other significant disorders. The common source of high mortality rates in poultry is contaminated water, dirty storage containers or bacterially polluted culverts. .
"Elixir for poultry’’ improves the living environment, and shortens the poultry growth and reproduction period. The necessity of using hormones, genetically modified products and other artificial biomaterials and antibiotics is reduced. The health of the birds and protection from disease increases, as well as the overall quality of production. 
Storage conditions: Keep concentrates in a cool, dry, place out of direct sunlight. 
Storage temperature: +4 ° to 30 ° C. 
Duration of storage: 1 year (for sealed [unopened] container.) 
Keep the opened concentrate in original bottle with strongly closed cap.