• Return Policy

    Returns and Exchanges

    In order to protect the rights of customers, Elixir Global LLC has developed a product return / exchange policy. Subject to this policy, the customer has the option to return or replace the purchased product if it does not match the product specified in the order and / or has a manufacturing defect.

    1. Terms of return and exchange
      1. In case of returns, the customer should notify the company by email in advance with a photo of the product to: info@elixir.global
      2. To begin the process, the customer needs to inform the company of his/her full name, personal number and the type of the product to be returned (name, volume).
      3. Product return / exchange policy is valid for 24 hours after receiving the product.
      4. In case of return/exchange of the product, its shipping is provided by the customer.
      5. In case of request for return / exchange of the product, the customer must present a document to the courier confirming the payment made for the product.
      6. Return / exchange of the product according to these rules is possible if:

    • The product does not match the order or description posted on the website.

    1. Reimbursement terms
      1. In case of request for return of the product (subject to the circumstances under provision 1.6), the company undertakes to fully reimburse the customer for the amount paid for the product.
      2. In case of request for replacement of the product (subject to the circumstances under provision 1.6), if the customer has a document confirming the payment of the product, the company shall replace it within a pre-agreed time frame with the customer.

    2.3. Refunds are possible only via wire transfer by transferring the funds to the bank account of the customer.

    2.4. Refunds shall be carried out in accordance with the rules under this policy within 10 (ten) working days after the product is returned.

    3. Cost of transportation

    3.1. The cost of transportation is covered by the company