Supplement product for Cereals  
Form: Electroactive water-based solution for spraying  
Form of use: Aerosol.  
Pharmacotherapeutic group: antimicrobial, fungicide, virucide.  

MSDS for Grain Storaging

Composition: NaCl - 0.26%, HClO - 0.045%; OCl - - 0.005%, zeolite – 0, 02 %.  
Used for:  
 - Supporting product for the cereal cultures: corn, wheat, barley, rye, oats.  
 - Prophylaxis of plant diseases caused by harmful microorganisms.  
 - Prevents the development of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases. 
 - Does not contain any chemicals and used to produce bio products.  
 - Has high redox potential and a broad spectrum of action from which we give priority to the effect on pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.  
 - Due to high redox potential and oxidative properties of the components of the solution, it effectively combats harmful microorganisms and causes their instant destruction.  
 - Diluted Elixir solution is sprayed via sprayer [tank], on the plant protective cover.  
 - Elixir can reduce / replace the use of various pesticides that provides an opportunity to produce eco-friendly [ecologically pure] organic products. 
Cereals diseases such as:  
  - Wheat yellow and brown rust 
 -  Wheat common bunt / Stinking smut 
 - Septoria 
 - Eyespot/ Straw breaker 
 - Ergot 
 - Fusarium head blight (corn) 
 - Powdery mildew 
 - Cereal stem rust 
 - Against damages caused by insects 
 - Gives a chance to produce ecological healthy product, without risk of harmful effects.  
 - Use of elixir is absolutely safe for people, animals and bees, does not require special safety measures  
 - Minimizing financial and human resources, the desired result is achieved  
 - Does not requires special transportation.  
 - Promotes fertility of cereals, improves yields.  
 - Enhances immune system and sustainability to pathogens.  
Application and Dosage:  
 - The solution is diluted with well or tap water, which is followed by spraying of the solution to the entire surface of a plant via sprayer tank.  
 - Add half of needed volume of water to a sprayer tank or any other vessel and mix it vigorously with “Elixir for Vineyard’’ concentrate. Then add the rest of the water and close the cover. The   - Solution is ready to be used promptly [without any delay].  
 - Close the roof and try to use it as fast as you can.  
Duration and frequency of use:  
As preventive measure: one time every 8-10 days  
Disease treatment: one time every 3 days.  
First spraying: Dilute 1 litre of concentrate in 120 litres of water (for 0.1 hectare)  
Next spraying: Dilute 2 litre of concentrate in 120 litres of water (for 0.1 hectare) 
First spraying: - Dilute 5 litre of concentrate in 600 litres of water (for 1 hectare)  
Next spraying: Dilute 10 litres of concentrate in 600 litres of water (for 1 hectare)  
Storage conditions: Keep concentrates in a cool, dry Place away from direct sunlight  
Storage temperature: +4 ° to 30 ° C.  

Expiration date: 1 year (for sealed [unopened] container.)  
Keep an opened concentrate in original bottle tightly capped.  
Warning: Do not use in a rain or frost