Elixir for Fish
For the healthy development of fish
Disinfectant fluid for fish and seafood water. 

Concentrated solution based on electro active water. 
Pharmacotherapeutic group: Disinfectant (Bactericidal , Fungicide, Virucide) 

Composition: Concentrate is a transparent, colorless, fluid chlorine with light smell. 
Contains: NaCl- 0.20% , HClO - 0.045%.
Used for: 
 - For fish and other sea foods; 
 - To improve health and maintain better quality water in fish farms;
 - Creation of ecologically optimal conditions; 
 - To create optimal growth and nutrition for spawning and lifts. Control / Prevention of viral and bacterial diseases; 
 - Prevention of infectious diseases; 
 - Avoidance of use of antibiotics.
1) It allows producing of ecologically pure, Bio products, without risk of harmful impacts. 
2) Has high redox potential and a broad spectrum of action from which we give priority to the effect on pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. 
3) Due to high redox potential and oxidative properties of the components of the solution, it effectively combats harmful microorganisms and causes their instant destruction. 
4) Elixir can reduce / replace the use of various drugs and needles, after which, we get environmentally clean and organic products. 
 - High rate of survival (25% to 80%) in all stages of growth and reproduction of all fish and seafood;
 - Effective control of infectious diseases in germ, fish eggs, fry development phases;
 - Raising resistance to various illnesses, their sustainability and durability; 
 - Complete elimination of the use of antibiotics, to minimize the persistent risk while using drugs;
 - Improves food efficiency and exclusion of residual impacts; 
 - Use of elixir is safe for people and animals, does not require special safety measures;
 - Using less financial and human resources, the desired result is achieved;
 - Does not have any side effects and leaves no harmful remnants; 
 - Does not require special transportation;
 - Improvement of water quality of the living environment and creating ecologically optimal conditions;
 - Ensure compliance with the European standards for the quality of fish and shrimps.
Usage and Dosage: 
In case of pool’s low contamination - minimal working concentration 0.1% (1 litre of concentrate ”elixir for fish’’ per 1000 litres of water). With higher dosage of concentrate the optimal parameters of water (pH, ORP) must be controlled depending on the fish species.
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Mainly in Fish and shrimp farms there are problems caused by contaminated water, as well as using foods damaged by bacteria. Daily treatment of fish food and basin water with a concentrate solution is an efficient method.The use of the elixir causes a fundamental change in production. It promotes growth, increases productivity, reduces mortality rate and most importantly improves quality. Daily treatment of fish food remedies and basin water with concentrated dilute solutions is an efficient way to reduce morbidity. By feeding the fish with saturated food, we avoid water pollution from food. 
Storage conditions: Keep concentrates in a cool, dry, place protected from direct sunlight.
Storage temperature: +4 ° to 30 ° C. 
Duration of storage: 1 year (for sealed [unopened] container).
Keep the opened concentrate in original bottle with strongly closed cap.