Elixir for Orchard, Nut and Berry Crops
Volume 1 Litres
"Elixir for Orchard, Nut and Berry Crops" is an innovative and high-tech product made in Georgia.

MSDS for Orchard, Nut and Berry Crops
● A healthy, yield and growth-promoting supplement for Orchard, Nut and Berry Crops – the concentrate to be dissolved in clear water.
● Effectively resists and instantly wipes out harmful micro-organisms;
● Protective coating is formed when Elixir sprayed on leaves;
● Prevents the emergence / spreading of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases;
● Destroys and repels harmful insects.
● Increases the yield of Orchard, Nut and Berry Crops;
● suited for ecologically clean and bio-friendly farms.

Used against the following diseases:
Plants Diseases
 Orchard Scab, Ash, Rust, White and black rot, Bacterial wilt, bacterial cancer  etc.
 Nuts Ash, brown and gray rot, Monilioz,  Fusarium wilt, Phomopsis, Bacterial spot etc.
 Berries Phytophthora,Purple spot, yellow rust, Septoria, Gray rot, Monilioz, etc.

Dosage for prevention, every 10 days (do not use in rain and frost):
Before blossom: 100 ML of "Elixir" in 12 L of water – applied to 200M2.
From blossom: 200 ML of "Elixir" dissolve in 12 L of water – applied to 200M2.
During the disease, it can be used once every 3 days
Composition: Activated water, NaCl - 0.4%, HClO - 0.045%, Zeolite - 0.05%.
When used does not show any toxic properties. No special body protection required.
When exposed to concentrate it is recommended to use a air mask. Consult a physician for individually identified contraindications.
Storage conditions: + 4 ° C to + 30 ° C. Store the concentrate in a dry area, away from direct sun exposure, with the lid tightly closed.
Valid for 2 years (unopen container) 
Keep the open concentrate in the original vessel with the lid tightly closed.
Warning: Do not use before rain or during frost.