Bioenergy Drink (0.5 liters)
code : 4860114170664
(0.5 liters)
The bioenergy drink „ELIXIR" is an innovative, environmentally friendly, high-tech product.  Made in Georgia with Austrian technology.  Bioenergetic beverages can be used to improve the human body's vital skills, promote energy gain and prevent disease.

Expected positive effects of using bioenergetic beverage:
 - PH-balance in the gastrointestinal tract; 
 - Increased energy flow, increased concentration capacity; 
 - Blood pH-balancing. 
 - Prevent gastrointestinal problems e.g. constipation, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and more; 
 - Protect from cardiovascular diseases; 
 - Improve drowsiness, general weakness; 
 - Aid important and responsible activities such as traffic management, exams and more.