Elixir for Hand Sanitation

Disinfectant for hand hygiene
"Elixir Hand Hygiene" is an innovative, harmless and ecologically clean product, made in Georgia. Quick disinfection of hands and moisture in the outside of the spirals and superficial active substance in just 20-30 seconds. Avoids toxic compounds cleans and protects your hands against a wide range of pathogens, kills bacterial spores, viruses and fungi.

MSDS for hand disinfectant
• Reliable disinfection of hand in 20 seconds; Surgical level disinfection is achieved within 30 seconds;
• Suitable for moisturizing dry skin;
• (HBV, HIV, HCV, Herpes simplex, Influenza A, SARS Coronavirus, Adenovirus, Liverpool, etc.) and against the simplest;
• Ideal for travel and hiking
• Works also in medical facilities and in public transport;
• Food stores (restaurants, cafes ...);
• Does not contain harmful dyes, flavourings or irritating substances (spirits, detergents);
• Does not irritate skin, eyes and mucous membranes by forming non-toxic side effects (chlorides - Cl-, chlorites - ClO2, chlorates - ClO3-)
• Suitable for all hygiene related areas such as healthcare, industry, hygiene protection in home conditions, nursing care, infant care;
Composition: Electroactive water: NaClO - 0.5%, HClO - 0,045%
Dosage: Sprinkle and dissolve on the skin surface at least 20 seconds (30 seconds for surgical disinfection). 
Pay special attention to the tips of the finger and the thumb, the middle lower folds, the lower surface of the nails. 
Warning: If you have side effects in skin sensitivity (skin redness, itching feeling) consult your doctor.