Elixir for potatoes and beetroots
Volume 1 Litres
Auxiliary means for growth and development of potatoes and beets
• Obtain an environmentally friendly bio-product free of harmful effects;
• Prevention of plant diseases caused by harmful micro-organisms;
• Effectively combats and instantly destroys harmful microorganisms due to their high oxidizing properties;
• Fights against the emergence / development of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases;
• Prevents and deters harmful insects;
• Elixir is absorbed by the plant and forms a protective coating;
• Reduce / replace various pesticide use;
• Promotes increased fertility and productivity;
• Strengthens the immune system and resistance to harmful microorganisms.
Used against diseases of potatoes and beets such as:
• Potato Phytophthorosis - Phytophtora infenstars
• Dry cyst, Fusarium - Fusarium
• Flat, deep-fried potato ketchup - Actinomycetes
• Potato Leaf Virus
• Potato Y-virus
• Potato wrinkle mosaic
• Brightness of the potato leaf, contrasting figure mosaic
• Beet ash - Erysifae communis
• Beetroot rust - Uromyces betae
• Beetle's Phomose, or Beetle's Heart Syndrome - Phoma betae
• Beet Cercospora - Cercospora beticola
• Beetroot powdery mildew - Peronospora schachti
• Alternaria, black beet - Alternaria tenuis
Use and Dosage: Dilute concentrate in tap or well water with 1.6-3.2% leaf protection (spraying on leaves) is used to protect plants.
Duration and Frequency of Use:
Every 8-10 days (for prevention)
Once every 3 days (to treat infection)
Before flowering: 1 liters of concentrate "Elixir for potatoes" 120 liters of water - used on 0.2 ha.
In flowering: 2 liters of concentrate "Elixir for potatoes" 120 liters of water - used at 0.2 ha.

Seasonal scheme of orchard, nut and berry crops :
When used does not show any toxic properties. No special body protection required.
When working with concentrate it is recommended to use a lead. Consult a physician for individually identified contraindications.
Composition: Electro-Activated Water NaCl - 0.3%, HClO - 0.045%, zeolite - 0.05%.

Storage conditions: + 4 ° C to + 30 ° C. Store the concentrate in a dry area, away from direct sun exposure, with the lid tightly closed.
Shelf life: 2 years (unopened container).
Keep the open concentrate in the original vessel with the lid tightly closed.
Warning: Do not use when raining or during frost!