Elixir for Grains
Supplement product for Cereals 
Form: Electroactive water based solution for spraying
Form of use: Aerosol.
Pharmacotherapeutic group: antimicrobial, fungicide, virucide.

MSDS for Grains

Composition: Transparent, colorless liquid with chlorine faint odor. Aqueous solution contains: NaCl - 0.3%, HClO - 0.045%;  zeolite – 0, 05%.

Used for:
Supporting product for the cereal cultures: corn, wheat, barley, rye, oats.
Prophylaxis of plant diseases caused by harmful microorganisms.
Prevents the development of fungal, viral and bacterial diseases.

Does not contain any chemicals and used to produce bio products.
Has high redox potential and a broad spectrum of action from which we give priority to the effect on pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Due to high redox potential and oxidative properties of the components of the solution, it effectively combats harmful microorganisms and causes their instant destruction.
Diluted Elixir solution is sprayed via sprayer [tank], on the plant protective cover.
Elixir can reduce / replace the use of various pesticides that provides an opportunity to produce ecofriendly [ecologically pure] organic products.

Cereals diseases such as:
• Wheat yellow and brown rust
• Wheat common bunt / Stinking smut
• Septoria
• Eyespot/ Strawbreaker
• Ergot
• Fusarium head blight (corn)
• Powdery mildew
• Cereal stem rust
• Also against damage caused by insects

• Gives a chance to produce ecological healthy product, without risk of harmful effects.
• Use of elixir is absolutely safe for people, animals and bees, does not require special safety measures
• Minimizing financial and human resources, the desired result is achieved
• Does not require special transportation.
• Promotes fertility of cereals, improves yields.
• Enhances immune system and resistance to pathogens.
Application and Dosage:
The solution is diluted with well or tap water, which is followed by spraying of the solution onto the entire surface of a plant via sprayer tank.
Add half of needed volume of water to a sprayer tank or any other vessel and mix it vigorously with concentrate. Then add the rest of the water and close the cover. The solution is ready to be used immediately [without any delay].
Close the lid and try to use it as fast as you can.
First spraying: Dilute 1 litre of concentrate in 120 litres of water (for 0.1 hectare)
Next spraying: Dilute 2 litre of concentrate in 120 litres of water (for 0.1 hectare)
First spraying: - Dilute 5 litre of concentrate in 600 litres of water (for 1 hectare)
Next spraying: Dilute 10 litres of concentrate in 600 litres of water (for 1 hectare)

Seasonal scheme of orchard, nut and berry crops :

Storage conditions:
Keep concentrates in a cool, dry, place out of direct sunlight.
Storage temperature: +4 ° to 30 ° C.
Expiration date: 1 year (for sealed [unopened] container.)
Keep an opened concentrate in original bottle tightly capped.
Warning: Do not use during rain or frost