Principle of action


Sulfuric acid and hypochlorite are a strong oxidative substance that directly involves neutralizing pathogenic bacteria.
Zeolite is a natural mineral that can be used to stabilize active components and perform adsorption, a role model that ensures the formation of sustainable cover on the plant's surface.
In order to make it easier to understand the peculiarities and mechanisms of the product, it is desirable to consider the principle of working for the "Elixir - Water Sterile". The salinity of a certain composition is subject to electrolysis, electric current activation, as a result of reaction capable elements.
They have high oxidation-restorative potential, ie, an electrochemic parameter which is of high importance, due to the bactericidal properties of E = E1.
Since the active components of "Elixir" and, for example, the cell wall of the harmful microorganism, there is a high difference in oxidation-restorative potential, the cell damage and losing vitality.
Component components and chemical indicators are chosen to take into consideration that they can effectively combine microorganisms that are characteristic to the sphere, such as wine, livestock or meditation.
The principle of action is the same for all harmful organisms and that the activated water causes the oxidative (oxidative) stress.
To facilitate perception, it is enough to recall that the direction of electric power is determined by concentrating electrons: electrons are in the direction where their lack is. The same happens in our products.
High oxidation-restorative potential means "excess of electrons".
But negative bacteria (eg intestinal stools) are characterized by "lack of electrons", or low oxidation-restorative potential. Exactly "Danny" kills bacteria, keeps the oxidative stress in it.
For example, phospholipid DPPC (Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine), Redox's component component Redox potential - + 220mV, and ClO- / Cl2- +1630 mV in conditioned conditions. The distinction between these "chords" is the formation of "power". In other words, spontaneous chemical reaction leads.
To emphasize the advantages of our product, it should be noted that the active components of the reaction are destroyed in a short period of time, resulting in the safety of the received products. It is also noteworthy that as active components as well as the reaction side products that are formed as a result of the solution of the solution, it will be easily mixed with instant water.
It is noteworthy that active components have a strictly defined specific principle, the oxidation-restorative potential according to significance, which excludes its undesirable, toxic effect on human and animal organisms. This effect has been confirmed as a result of Austrian studies.