Elixir Global LLC is a Georgian based company which strives for innovation and the betterment of human life, as our motto states: “Elixir – For life”
Using a technology called Electro-Activated Water, we have developed, and are currently producing, over 35 bio-organic products for various uses which include but are not limited to: Agronomy, Veterinary, Hygiene, Sanitation and Disinfection.
This technology has been known to create one of the best natural and organic products in the world, which is 100% safe and able to sufficiently disinfect without leaving any traces. As our mission is to aid and not harm, our products are free from any harmful chemical and are completely safe.
We are dedicated to producing eco-friendly and safe products for the benefit of people, animals and the environment. We work closely with governmental institutions and farmers and supply disinfectant solutions for all uses ranging from hand sanitisers and transport disinfection to animal feed and farms etc.
ELIXIR does not contain any pesticides or agrochemicals and can be used as plant protective and plant/animal supportive additive for bio-product production.